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Aluminium Stockholder

Ensuring the secure transportation of extrusions from our manufacturing plants  to our esteemed customers is of paramount importance.

A 5 Star Rated Service For All Customers

Fast Delivery Of Fully Fabricated & Finished Parts

A Focus On Quality Extrusions And Attention To Detail

Working With UK Providers, Minimising Our Carbon Footprint

Our packaging strategies can be tailored to meet specific customer demands. Standard packing methods guarantee that aluminium profiles remain shielded from direct contact, mitigating the risk of damage. These methods make use of recycled or recyclable materials. Options for packaging include interleaving with paper, bundling with spiral wrapping, or utilising compact cardboard boxes.

Typical dimensions for a master pack are 500mm in width and 500mm in height. Each pack is assigned a unique identification number, prominently displayed on the label, facilitating complete traceability throughout the production process. The labels are equipped with barcodes to streamline stock management and can be customised to fulfil customer-specific requirements.

The master packs are designed for efficient stacking and can be easily lifted using forklift trucks, a particularly advantageous feature given that the profiles can extend up to 6 metres in length.

aluminium stockholder
stockholder aluminium

GSM offers a comprehensive stock management system, powered by the latest ERP SAP system. This empowers us to provide customers with real-time updates on the progress of their orders and offer assistance in the realm of stock reordering, ensuring a seamless operational process.

We excel at maintaining optimal stock levels for our clients, thereby ensuring consistent stock availability based on pre-agreed stock agreements.

Regular updates detailing available stock at GSM, work-in-progress at our manufacturing facilities, and goods in transit are communicated to our customers on a weekly basis. Goods can be stored, ready for call-off deliveries as per pre-established schedules, subject to 48 working hours’ notice.

Customers have the flexibility to either collect goods directly from GSM Aluminium Ltd or opt for truck deliveries arranged by our team.


Our Process

We quote for aluminium and tooling based on your technical drawings

You accept our quotation and terms of business

We complete technical drawings and issue for your approval

You place the bulk order

Bulk or call-off delivery to you

Dispatch of goods to GSM warehouse

Sample sent for you approval, release of bulk production

Extrusion and fabrication tooling manufactured


Quality & Standards

Adherence to extrusion standards and tolerances such as EN755-9 and EN12020-2 is integral to our operations.

The selection of our extrusion factories and other suppliers or subcontractors is rooted in their ability to integrate diverse manufacturing and surface finishing processes within a unified setting. This integration not only enhances cost-effectiveness but also strengthens quality control measures.

Our unwavering dedication revolves around ensuring the utmost quality for our customers. GSM Aluminium boasts ISO 9001 accreditation, underscoring our commitment to maintaining meticulous internal quality control systems, refining manufacturing procedures, and, most importantly, ensuring customer satisfaction. Our historical record indicates that a mere 0.13% of the profiles delivered by GSM Aluminium were rejected.

Both our factories and suppliers hold ISO 9001 and 14001 certifications.


Why Choose Us?

Over 30 Years of Expertise

GSM Aluminium has demonstrated consistent and progressive growth, positioning itself as a premier supplier and distributor of tailor-made aluminium products across the UK and Europe.

Highly Skilled and Certified

This translates into a seamless and professional customer service experience, spanning technical sales, accounts, and logistics.

Effective Stock Management

GSM is well-equipped to oversee stock for customers, leading to prompt order placements, uninterrupted supply chains, and minimised lead times.

ISO Certification

Our ISO certification guarantees continuous monitoring of systems, supplies, and customer satisfaction. Our performance metrics reveal that just 0.13% of profiles were historically rejected by customers in a given year.


Client Feedback


Aluminium Extrusions Are Our Passion

If you seek a competitive UK-based aluminium extrusion profile manufacturer and aluminium stockholder with a proven track record of on-time deliveries, reach out to us today.