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Aluminium Extrusions

Producing high quality extrusions consistently, is somewhere between an exact science and an art form.

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Our Expertise

Stringent controls ensure the production of high-quality aluminium extrusions. Aluminium billets are forced through a bespoke die made of steel, both are heated at more than 500 ° C to allow the semi-molten aluminium to pass through the die and take on its accurate shape.

A wide range of extrusion presses are at our disposal which can produce extruded aluminium profiles from 5-inch to 15-inch billet size diameters. We can accommodate almost every type of profile our customers require, in soft alloys from 1mm wall thickness upwards, with a minimum chargeable weight of 150g / linear metre to 25 kilos per linear metre.

Technical Information

Taking an initial customer design, we can assist with extrusion optimisation, to offer weight and cost savings, along with ensuring a profile which is easier to extrude and maximises die lifespan. This all leads to increased reliability and consistency across batch manufacturing.

Using the latest 3D Solidworks, GSM will provide a comprehensive die drawing (and where applicable, fabrication drawing), for approval, confirming the extrusion standards and tolerances achievable for the profile, in line with EN755-9 or EN12020-2.

Quality Dies

The key to producing quality extrusions, is to design, manufacture and maintain quality dies. An experienced in-house team in our factory die shop, is crucial to helping us achieve this to the highest standard. This runs alongside outsourcing die manufacture when required, using only the most skilled providers.

Once a customer commits to a die, any duplication or maintenance costs tend to be covered by GSM Aluminium.

Our extrusions are manufactured using a combination of virgin and recycled billets, with full manufacturing traceability. Recycled billets typically contain 98% of recycled aluminium.

Sample Inspection Reports

Using Romidot Machines, CMM and Faro Arm measuring equipment, all extruded profiles and machined parts are checked and reports produced confirming the extrusions conform to the stated drawing tolerances. 

Material Certificates

Material Certificate EN10204-3.1B can be issued for each extrusion on request showing theoretical composition and properties. Specific extrusion analysis can be undertaken if needed at additional cost.


Our Process

We quote for aluminium and tooling based on your technical drawings

You accept our quotation and terms of business

We complete technical drawings and issue for your approval

You place the bulk order

Bulk or call-off delivery to you

Dispatch of goods to GSM warehouse

Sample sent for you approval, release of bulk production

Extrusion and fabrication tooling manufactured


Quality & Standards

Extrusion and tolerances are according to EN755-9 and EN12020-2.

Our own extrusion factories, as well as our other suppliers or sub-contractors, are chosen based on their capacities to integrate all their manufacturing and surface finish processes under one roof, allowing for greater cost competitiveness and stronger quality control.

All our efforts are focused on ensuring that our customers receive the best quality possible. GSM Aluminium is ISO 9001 accredited. We continuously monitor our internal quality control systems, manufacturing processes and very importantly that our customers are fully satisfied. Historically, GSM Aluminium can demonstrate that overall, only 0.13% of our delivered profiles were rejected by customers.

Our own factories and our suppliers are all ISO 9001 and 14001 registered.


Why Choose Us?

30+ Years Experience

GSM Aluminium has shown steady and sustained growth as a supplier and distributor of bespoke aluminium products to both the UK and Europe.

Highly Trained & Qualified

Resulting in an efficient and professional customer service, from technical sales to accounts and logistics.

Stock Holding

GSM has the ability to manage stock for customers, leading to timely order placements, ensuring continuity of supply and keeping lead-times to a minimum.

ISO Accreditation

Ensures continued monitoring of systems, supplies and customer satisfaction. In the year GSM can demonstrate only 0.13% of rejected profiles.


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Aluminium Extrusions Are Our Passion

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