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Aluminum profiles are tailor-made to suit a client’s specific preferences or requirements, allowing for necessary adjustments and modifications as needed. It’s crucial to note that no two aluminum profiles are exactly alike. Aluminium is an excellent conductor of both heat and electricity, and it’s non-magnetic. The flexible nature of aluminium extrusions and profiles allows for versatility in various applications.  

Aluminium Fabricators in Bradford

Custom Aluminium profiles Bradford

Aluminium profiles can be applied for various applications and are easily found in a distinctive variety of products from double-glazing, load bearing structures, window, curtain walling section, patent glazing, facades, shop fronts, partitions, glass houses, expansion joint, solar panel frames, Heating and ventilation equipment, Road and street equipment, architectural hardware, Conservatories, claddings, Shutters and blinds, Balconies, railings and gates, Garage and industrial doors etc. to railway carriages.

What Do We Offer?



Unparalleled Expertise

Having extensive expertise in aluminum fabrication, we’ve finely tuned our skills over the years. Our dedicated team comprises highly trained professionals devoted to achieving exemplary outcomes.

Every project holds its distinctiveness, prompting us to provide customised solutions that precisely match your needs. Whether it’s aluminium components, structures, or intricate designs you seek, count on us to fulfil your requirements.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Employing cutting-edge technology and equipment is our strategy for ensuring precision and efficiency throughout our fabrication process. This commitment enables us to consistently uphold the highest quality standards and fulfill even the most demanding deadlines.

At the core of our operations lies an unwavering dedication to quality. Each project undergoes thorough quality assessments, guaranteeing that it not only meets but often surpasses industry benchmarks. Rely on us for aluminium products that are both enduring and dependable.

Competitive Pricing

We’re committed to making high-quality aluminium profiles Bradford accessible to everyone. Our competitive pricing ensures that you receive outstanding value for your investment.

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Our Process

You can also count on us to keep our process easy and fast. Here’s how it works.


1. We provide you with a quote for the aluminium and tooling required for your project.

2. You accept our quotation and terms of business.

3. We complete the technical drawings and issue these for your approval.

4. You place the bulk order.

8. You can bulk or call-off delivery to your premises.

7. Your goods are dispatched to our GSM warehouse.

6. We send you a sample for your approval; upon your approval, we release the bulk of production.

5. Your aluminium goes through the extrusion process and fabrication tooling.

Why Choose Aluminium Profiles Bradford?

We offer both expertise and a competitive edge to other aluminium profile suppliers. We have over 30 years of experience in this industry. We’ve shown steady growth as a supplier and distributor of bespoke aluminium products to both the UK and Europe.

We stand out by providing an unparalleled blend of expertise and a competitive edge in the field of aluminium extrusions. With over three decades of experience, we’ve shown continual growth as suppliers and distributors of customised aluminium products across the UK and Europe.

Our approach relies on state-of-the-art technology, utilising SOLIDWORKS 3D software to create extrusion and machining drawings. This allows us to thoroughly understand our customers’ needs by examining assembled parts. We excel in advising on tolerances, component compatibility, and the technical complexities of aluminium, covering alloy selection and finishes.

Moreover, as dedicated suppliers of aluminium extrusions, our team is highly trained and qualified. Expect efficient and professional customer service across all aspects, from technical sales to accounts and logistics.

Additionally, we offer stock management services for our customers, ensuring timely orders, a continuous supply chain, and minimal lead times for your convenience.


What More Do We Offer?

We offer reactive and responsive service you can count on. We utilise the latest ERP systems, and our factories have full visibility of the process and accurate information on lead times and deliveries. We are extremely reactive to customer inquiries, offering same-working-day responses and frequent updates through your project.

Market Globalisation

We have expanded our supplier base working with the Far East, European, and UK manufacturers. The growth included a strategic move to help with the creation of an aluminium extrusion company in Malaysia, of which we are a major shareholder. This allows us to be more competitive and have more control over our aluminium supplies.

Under One Roof

Our extrusion factor and our other suppliers integrate all their manufacturing and surface finish processes under one roof whenever possible. This means we offer greater cost competitiveness and strong quality control.

Expert Knowledge

When you work with us, you’re working with experts in aluminium extrusion. We draw from expert knowledge from some of the finest extruders in the world, so we can advise on cutting-edge design of tailored profiles for both our UK and international customers.


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