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Aluminium Extrusions Bradford


GSM Aluminium are the leading supplier of  aluminium extrusions Bradford, with vast experience in designing and creating aluminium profile solutions.

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Working With UK Providers, Minimising Our Carbon Footprint

Welcome to GSM LTD, aluminium extrusions Bradford suppliers. As a leading provider, we take pride in offering a wide range of high-quality aluminium extrusions to meet the broad requirements of our customers. We offer an extensive catalogue, combined with a commitment to exceptional service. We’re your go-to source for all your aluminium extrusion requirements.

aluminium extrusions suppliers

The Importance of Choosing the right supplier for Aluminium Extrusions Bradford


The choice of the right aluminium extrusions Bradford supplier significantly impacts the quality and success of your projects. So, what key criteria should you consider in your supplier selection process? Key factors include the quality of extrusions, adherence to industry standards, timely delivery, and the provision of exceptional customer service, setting reliable suppliers apart from the competition.

We recognise the critical nature of these factors and have earned a reputation for consistently delivering top-tier products and services. When you opt for us from the array of aluminium extrusions providers, you can have confidence in your decision to collaborate with a respected industry leader.

What Do We Offer?



Our Expertise

We use stringent controls to ensure the production of high-quality aluminium extrusions. Aluminium billets are forced through a bespoke die made of steel; then both are heated at more than 500 ˚  C to allow the semi-molten aluminium to pass through the die and take on its accurate shape.

You can count on our expertise in all aspects of your project. What’s more, we can accommodate almost every type of profile our customers require, including soft alloys from 1mm wall thickness and more, with a minimum chargeable weight of 150g / linear metre to 25 kilos per linear metre.

Technical Information

We can take your design and assist with extrusion optimization, bringing you weight and cost savings, along with ensuring a profile that’s easier to extrude and maximises die lifespan. All of this works to increase reliability and consistency across batch manufacturing.

Using the latest 3D SOLIDWORKS, we can provide a comprehensive die drawing for approval, confirming the extrusion standards and tolerances achievable for the profile, in line with EN755-9 or EN12020-2.

Quality Dies

The key to producing quality extrusions is to design, manufacture and maintain quality dies. An experienced in-house team in our factor die shop is crucial to ensuring we achieve the highest possible standards. The same applies if we need to outsource die manufacture (only when necessary). You can count on us to use one of the most skilled providers.

Once you’ve committed to the die, any duplication or maintenance costs are covered by us.

Our extrusions are manufactured using a combination of virgin and recycled billets, with complete manufacturing traceability. Recycled billets typically contain 98% of recycled aluminium.

Aluminium Extrusions Bradford

Our Process

You can also count on us to keep our process easy and fast. Here’s how it works.


1. We provide you with a quote for the aluminium and tooling required for your project.

2. You accept our quotation and terms of business.

3. We complete the technical drawings and issue these for your approval.

4. You place the bulk order.

8. You can bulk or call-off delivery to your premises.

7. Your goods are dispatched to our GSM warehouse.

6. We send you a sample for your approval; upon your approval, we release the bulk of production.

5. Your aluminium goes through the extrusion process and fabrication tooling.

Our Promise to You


We work only to the highest standards as a superior aluminium extrusions supplier.

Extrusion and tolerances are in accordance with EN755-9 and EN12020-2.

Our own extrusion factories, as well as our other suppliers or subcontractors, are chosen based on their capacities to integrate all their manufacturing and surface finish processes under one roof, allowing for great cost competitiveness and strong quality control.

All our efforts are focused on ensuring that you receive the highest quality possible. GSM Aluminium is ISO 9001 accredited. Our internal quality control systems are continuously monitored, along with our manufacturing processes. It’s important to us that you are entirely satisfied with our work and products.

In addition, our own factories and suppliers are also ISO 9001 and 14001 registered.

Why Choose Us?


We set ourselves apart by offering a unique combination of expertise and a competitive advantage in the realm of aluminium extrusions. With over 30 years of experience in this industry, we have demonstrated consistent growth as both a supplier and distributor of tailor-made aluminium products across the UK and Europe.

Our approach is driven by cutting-edge technology, utilising SOLIDWORKS 3D software to generate extrusion and machining drawings. This enables us to comprehensively grasp our customers’ requirements by examining assembled parts. We excel in advising on tolerances, component compatibility, and the technical intricacies of aluminium, encompassing alloy selection and finishes.

Moreover, as dedicated aluminium extrusion suppliers, we boast a highly trained and qualified team. Expect efficient and professional customer service across all fronts, from technical sales to accounts and logistics.

Furthermore, we offer the capability to manage stock for our customers, ensuring punctual order placements, a continuous supply chain, and minimal lead times for your convenience.

Additionally, our ISO accreditation guarantees ongoing monitoring of our systems, supplies, and customer satisfaction, ensuring a consistent and reliable experience every time.

What More Do We Offer?

We provide a dependable and quick-response service that you can rely on. With the utilisation of cutting-edge ERP systems, our factories maintain complete visibility throughout the process, ensuring precise lead time and delivery information. We are highly responsive to customer inquiries, guaranteeing same-day responses and regular updates throughout your project.

Market Globalisation

We have expanded our supplier base working with the Far East, European, and UK manufacturers. The growth included a strategic move to help with the creation of an aluminium extrusion company in Malaysia, of which we are a major shareholder. This allows us to be more competitive and have more control over our aluminium supplies.

Under One Roof

Our extrusion factor and our other suppliers integrate all their manufacturing and surface finish processes under one roof whenever possible. This means we offer greater cost competitiveness and strong quality control.

Expert Knowledge

When you work with us, you’re working with experts in aluminium extrusion. We draw from expert knowledge from some of the finest extruders in the world, so we can advise on cutting-edge design of tailored profiles for both our UK and international customers.


Client Feedback


Aluminium Extrusions Are Our Passion


If you’re searching for aluminium extrusions suppliers, why not contact us today? We’re ready to answer any questions you may have about our services. Let us know how we can help you today!