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Aluminium Door Maintenance Tips

Nov 21, 2023 | Aluminium Info

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Maintaining Your Aluminium Doors: Tips for Longevity

Aluminium doors present a durable, reliable, and robust alternative to their wooden counterparts. However, like any possession, they demand a touch of care to ensure a long and healthy lifespan.

Understanding Aluminium Door Maintenance

Maintaining aluminium doors varies based on location, exposure to elements, chosen door type, and more. Here, we share essential tips to preserve your doors, ensuring they remain in prime working condition.

Caring for Your Aluminium Doors

1. Cleaning Essentials

Regular cleaning is pivotal to keep your aluminium doors—and their frames—functioning optimally. No need for specialised products; water, mild detergent, and a clean cloth suffice. Yet, specific doors come with manufacturer guidelines crucial for warranty maintenance.

2. Addressing Scratches

Occasionally, albeit rarely, aluminium may incur scuffs or scratches. Non-abrasive cleaners work wonders for minor marks, while deeper scratches might induce oxidation—forming a protective seal on the aluminium. Consulting professionals for re-touching paintwork is recommended.

3. Bi-Fold and Sliding Door Maintenance

Sleek and sophisticated, sliding and bi-fold aluminium doors demand extra care due to their intricate tracks. Regular cleaning, debris removal, and occasional lubrication ensure their seamless operation.

4. Lock Maintenance

The locking mechanisms in aluminium doors are robust but benefit from periodic lubrication to maintain smooth functionality. Cleaning the lock with oil-coated keys every few months helps sustain the locking cylinders’ health.

5. Avoiding Harmful Substances

Certain cleaning solutions, laden with chlorine, esters, hydrocarbons, or ketones, can adversely affect aluminium and should be steered clear of entirely.

Cleaning Frequencies and Specialised Care

Cleaning schedules vary depending on environmental factors. Polluted areas may necessitate cleaning every three months, while rural settings might suffice with annual maintenance. Components like hinges and handles require periodic checks based on usage and location.

Professional Maintenance

Specialist cleaning and maintenance services cater to specific door components. Seeking professional help is advised for complex setups like automatic doors or remote-controlled systems.

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