Capabilities: Maximum length: From 10mm to 7500mm for natural anodising. From 10mm to 6500mm for chemical anodising. From 10mm to 6500mm for polyester powder coating Treatments Anodising 5 to 25 microns Brushed finish Polished bright finish Wood grain surface finish Polyester powder coating
GSM Aluminium Ltd has invested heavily to produce aluminium extrusions, fabrication and finishing processes all under one roof. We have become a manufacturer with a very high level of productivity and low production costs. Our prices are very competitive as a result. We fully control quality, offer short production and delivery lead-times.  
We specialise in the extrusion, fabrication, finishing and assembly of aluminium extrusions. The company was set up in 1992 and operates from a 10,000 ft² warehouse in Keighley and 1,200 ft² of offices in Otley, West Yorkshire. Our combined workforce in the UK and abroad is 120 people. We currently trade in the UK, France, Germany, Australia, USA and Poland.  
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