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With a 10,000 sq foot warehouse, GSM has the capacity to hold large quantities of finished components and raw materials for customers, thereby reducing delivery time and working capital needed in the supply chain. We can enter into consignment stock arrangements, where we can either hold long length or finished aluminium profiles which have been designed specifically for our customers. All our stock is covered by firm orders placed by our customers. Storage for Aluminium Extrusions and Other Products Our racking arrangement allows us to safely stock-hold and store long length extrusions or pallets. Secure Storage Our warehouse is located within a fully secured distribution park with gates, CCTV cameras and alarm system. All the products are kept inside, under-cover. Protection from theft is clearly one issue but just as important is protection from the elements. Delivery / Despatch Our warehouse offers easy access for large capacity trailers and containers. We are equipped to receive and despatch aluminium profiles and components ranging from small vans through to 40ft trailers and containers, decanting and loading all materials, components and long lengths of aluminium extrusion ourselves. Logistics We own 2 trucks, a 3.5 ton and 7.5 ton capacity used for our locally based customers. We take full advantage of having 4 national haulage companies within a mile of our warehouse enabling us to benefit from competitive rates and a wide choice of regular delivery routes.
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