aluminium extrusions
o AlMgSi0.5 EN AW 6060 / 6063 Architectural systems,  boxes,  brise-soleils, cabinets, cases conservatory  roofs, chassis frames, ceiling tracks, display equipment, door handles, door thresholds,  door seals ladders, furniture, heat-sinks, marquees,  kitchen trims,  partition screens, patio doors, toilet cubicles, traffic management systems, shower tracks, sliding walls and wardrobes, wall board sections, windows, Yacht masts . o "AlSiMg(A) EN AW 6005A Bus shelters, floor access covers, industrial doors, matting systems, Railings, traffic signs, truck bodies, roof rails, tail-lifts. o AlMgSi EN AW 6463 Decorative items, picture frames, picture display systems, showers cubicle profiles and frames, tile trims, wall board sections. o AlMgSi1 EN AW 6082 Bridges, bicycle wheels, cranes, ladders, scaffolding,
Certificate N°: 11349 ISO 9001:2008
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